Sentence Examples with the word hawkins

The Observations of Sir Richard Hawkins in his Voyage into the South Sea, published in 1622, are very valuable.

Captain Hawkins landed at Surat and travelled overland to Agra, passing some time at the court of the Great Mogul.

It was spurred into renewed activity by the audacity of Sir John Hawkins in the West Indies, and by the appearance of Drake, Cavendish and Richard Hawkins in the Pacific.

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The chief constituents are Johnson's own Letters and Account of his Life from his Birth to his Eleventh Year (1805), a fragment saved from papers burned in 1784 and not seen by Boswell; the life by his old but not very sympathetic friend and club-fellow, Sir John Hawkins (1787); Mrs Thrale-Piozzi's Anecdotes (1785) and Letters; the Diary and Letters of Fanny Burney (D'Arblay) (1841); the shorter Lives of Arthur Murphy, T.

Elizabeth, partly in revenge for the treatment of Hawkins and Drake at San Juan de Ulloa, seized some Spanish treasure on its way to the Netherlands (Dec. 1569).

The year following Newman supported and secured the election of Hawkins as provost of Oriel in preference to Keble, a choice which he later defended or apologized for as having in effect produced the Oxford Movement with all its consequences.

Carl Sprengel, cited by Professor Edward Morren in his biographical sketch entitled Charles de l'Escluse, sa vie et ses oeuvres, states that the potato was introduced from Santa Fe into England by John Hawkins in 1563 (Garten Zeitung, 1805, p. 346).

GIOSEFFO ZARLINO (1517-1540), Italian musical theorist, surnamed from his birthplace Zarlinus Clodiensis, was born at Chioggia, Venetia, in 1517 (not 1540, as Burney and Hawkins say).

C. Hawkins in Horae Synopticae, 18 99, pp. 143-147).

The almshouse established in 1592 by Sir John Hawkins for decayed seamen and shipwrights is still extant, the building having been re-erected in the 19th century; but the fund called the Chatham Chest, originated by Hawkins and Drake in 1588, was incorporated with Greenwich Hospital in 1802.