Sentence Examples with the word havelock

It was captured by Havelock on the 19th of July 1857, when the Nana's palaces were destroyed.

There are statues of George IV., Napier, Havelock and Gordon.

This decision was badly received by his troops, who were burning to avenge their countrywomen, and by General Neill, whom Havelock was obliged to reprimand for insubordination.

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Menendez y Pelayo, Origenes de la novela (Madrid, 1905), pp. 72-86; Havelock Ellis in Contemporary Review (May 1906).

His immediate predecessors had been Sir Charles Mitchell (1889-1893) and Sir Arthur Havelock (1886-1889).

At this point General Havelock was joined by Sir James Outram, who;would have superseded him in the command had not Outram himself, with unequalled generosity, proposed to accompany Havelock only in his civil capacity as chief commissioner of Oudh and to serve under him as a volunteer.

On the 21st of September Havelock started on his second attempt to relieve Lucknow, and won the victory of Mangalwar.

On the 21st of July news was received that General Havelock was advancing, had defeated the Nana, and was master of Cawnpore; but it was still more than two months before even the first relief of Lucknow was achieved.

South of Victoria Park is the Havelock racecourse.

In nine days Havelock had marched 126 m.