Sentence Examples with the word havel

Gustavus, still too weak to meet the foe, entrenched himself at Werben, at the confluence of the Havel and Elbe.

HAVELBERG, a town of Germany, in the Prussian province of Brandenburg, on the Havel and the railway Glowen-Havelberg.

From its centre by a thick belt of pine woods, the Jungfernheide, the Spandauer Forst, and the Grunewald, the last named stretching away in a south-westerly direction as far as Potsdam, and fringing the beautiful chain of Havel lakes.

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The Oder is also connected by canals with the Havel and the Spree.

Long, and by the Oder-Spree Canal, made in 1887-1888, and with the Havel by the BerlinSpandau Navigation Canal, 51 m.

West of Berlin the Havel widens into what are called the I3avel lakes, to which the environs of Potsdam owe their charms. In general the soil of the North German plain cannot be termed fertile, the cultivation nearly everywhere requiring severe and constant labor.

Long), which bisects Berlin and joins the Havel at Spandau.

Lat., where the Vistula, Netze, Warthe, Oder, Spree and Havel form vast swampy lowlands (in German called Brche), which have been considerably reduced by the construction of canals and by cultivation, improvements due in large measure to Frederick the Great.

Its trade, chiefly in corn, meal and timber, is facilitated by the Zierker See and by a canal connecting the town with the Havel and the Elde.

Important engineering work was planned not only to afford a more convenient waterway between the upper Spree and the Havel (and thus to the Elbe), but was to remove from the city to its banks and vicinity those factories of which the noxious, gases and other poisonous emanations were regarded as dangerous to the health of the community.