Sentence Examples with the word have got

If he'd knocked me up I'd have got an abortion.

The Feds have got me wrapped up like a mummies bandages.

She is a very admirable young woman and you always liked her, but now suddenly you have got some notion or other in your head.

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I might have got good limestone within a mile or two and burned it myself, if I had cared to do so.

You fellows have got it all wrong.

At the conclusion of the ceremony they each throw upon the other some grains of rice, and the most expeditious in performing this feat is considered to have got the start of the other in the future control of the household, and receives the applause of the male or female part of the congregation as the case may be.

Ultimately he seems to have got free access to the collection, which he re-catalogued - the work of almost a whole summer, for which the curators rewarded him with nine guilders.

She's off to Hawaii to visit her daughter, but you and me have got more important things to do.

These take place only in communities where some have got more than is sufficient while others have not enough.

Your excellency, they say they have got ready, according to your orders, to go against the French, and they shouted something about treachery.