Sentence Examples with the word havana

Of the newspapers of Havana the most notable is the El Diario de la Marina (established in 1838; under its present name, 1844 morning and evening), which was almost from its foundation an official organ of the Spanish government, and generally the mouthpiece of the most intransigent peninsular opinion in all that concerned the politics of the island.

Baracoa (the landing point), Bayamo, Santiago de Cuba, Puerto Principe, Sancti Spiritus, Trinidad and the original Havana were all founded by 1515.

During the war preparations President Paredes, suspected of intriguing to overthrow the Republic and set up a Spanish prince, had to give place to his vice-president Bravo, who in his turn gave way before Santa Anna, who was hastily recalled from his exile at Havana to assume the presidency and the conduct of the war (Aug.

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The university of Havana (founded of the island was practically absolute.

The best buildings in Havana are constructed of a very rich white limestone, soft and readily worked when fresh, but hardening and slightly darkening with age.

At Guantanamo and Trinidad are other valleys, and between Mariel and Havana is the fine valley of Ariguanabo.

It was estimated officially in 1904 that the wooded lands of the island comprised 3,628,434acres, of which one-third were in Oriente province, another third in Camaguey, and hardly any in Havana province.

The first railroad in Cuba (and the first in Spanish lands) was opened from Havana to Gaines in 1837.

It is said that more clear Havana cigars are manufactured in Tampa than in Havana.

A constitutional convention sat at Havana from the 5th of November 1900 to the 21st of February 1901.