Sentence Examples with the word hausa

In addition to the towns mentioned there are many others containing populations of from 10,000 to 20,000, the bulk of the inhabitants of the Hausa countries being town dwellers.

If the Hausa history, which exists in written form, be correct, the manufacture of this cloth has been carried on in Kano since the 9th century.

The north of Cameroon is inhabited by Fula and Hausa and allied tribes, the south by Bantuspeaking races.

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Sodium carbonates), and with herds of cattle and sheep, receiving in return cotton and hardware and kolas; (4) the Hausa merchants.

In the plains of the north, inhabited by Hausa and by agricultural pagan tribes, and in the fertile river valleys, agriculture is regularly carried on.

Under the influence of Berber and Arab tribes, who embraced Mahommedanism, the Hausa advanced in civilization; founded large cities, and developed a considerable trade, not only with the neighbouring countries, but, via the Sahara, with the Barbary states.

It has been erroneously stated that the Fula imposed Mahommedanism on the Hausa states.

The sultan of Sokoto throughout the 19th century exercised an overlordship over the Hausa states extending east from the Niger to Bornu and southward to the Benue and Adamawa.

In Nigeria the Hausa tribes are coming to be better known, and to respond to the Christian teaching.

While the lower classes remained pagan, a fairly civilized system of administration, with an efficient judicial and fiscal organization, was established in the Hausa territories.