Sentence Examples with the word haunting

She was four months late doing so, but it was done now, and at last the haunting feeling was laid to rest.

The last, which may have been done since he settled in France, is the darkened and partly repainted, but still powerful and haunting half-length figure in the Louvre, with the smile of inward ravishment and the prophetic finger beckoning skyward like that of St Anne in the Academy cartoon.

The haunting memories of these horrors played havoc with the nerves of a supersensitive child.

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The tune was haunting and yet somehow soothing.

A few are sapropelic, haunting the looser debris that forms the uppermost layer of the bottom ooze of quiet waters: we may cite the aberrant Floscularian Atrochus.

Though chiefly affecting grassy plains or swamps, tigers are also found in forests, and seem to be fond of haunting the neighbourhood of old ruins.

He appears later as a spirit of the forests, endowed with the gift of prophecy, haunting springs and streams, with a special sanctuary in a grove on the Aventine.

It was probably the origin of the story of Narcissus, and there is scarcely a race which is free from the haunting dread.

The haunting fear of conspiracy was skilfully used by them to direct Nero's suspicions against possible opponents.

Again, the army was morally weakened by a haunting dread of treason, and some of the chiefs, Ney for example, took the field with disturbing visions of the consequences of their late betrayal of the Bourbon cause, in case of Napoleon's defeat.