Sentence Examples with the word hauling

There'd be no point in hauling excess baggage half-way across the country in the limited space of a motor home.

The railways of the north-west have a monopoly of the business of hauling wheat, with the result that it costs 20 cents to ship a bushel of wheat from the Dakota field to Duluth, which is as much as it costs to forward it from Duluth to Liverpool.

Try hauling those off.

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He sought a distraction to keep him from wrenching open the door and hauling the small queen away from her second.

It is done by darting a short-handled cutting-spade, to which is attached a rope for hauling it back again.

Quinn was finishing removing the plans and I helped hauling them to the attached garage.

Relieved, he pulled the blowing horse to a halt and grabbed Rissa by the scruff of her tunic, unceremoniously hauling her up and dumping her on the ground.

And all the while, jet after jet of white smoke was agonizingly shot from the spiracle of the whale, and vehement puff after puff from the mouth of the excited headsman; as at every dart, hauling in upon his crooked lance (by the line attached to it), Stubb straightened it again and again, by a few rapid blows against the gunwale, then again and again sent it into the whale.

Men are hauling a log.

I might as well start hauling this stuff.