Sentence Examples with the word haul

When you've finished we'll stuff it all in the suitcase and you can haul it back up north to her.

We'll have servants to haul our water for us.

It used to be that if you conquered another nation, your soldiers became looters and the military got to haul off everything of value in the country.

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He just wants to haul her back to home and hearth, where she belongs.

He refused altogether to haul down the flag of Tariff Reform; it was his policy to give British workmen a preference, both in the home and in the colonial market; but he said that a Unionist Government did not intend themselves to impose food duties.

Jerk him off; we haul in no cowards here.

It was only a couple of blocks to Duckett's Market, but he needed the Jeep to haul the groceries.

The law forbids a railway or any other common carrier to charge more for a short haul than for a long haul over the same line, unless, in special cases, it is authorized to do so by the Commission.

But to haul the boat up to his flank was impossible, he swam so fast and furious.

Thus an engine working at maximum power may be used to haul a relatively light load at a high speed or a heavy load at a slow speed.