Sentence Examples with the word hateful

To be quit of his hateful presence he gave him a mili tary command.

In April 1585 Sir Amyas Paulet was appointed to the office of which Sadler, accused of careless indulgence, had requested to be relieved; and on Christmas Eve she was removed from the hateful shelter of Tutbury to the castle of Chartley in the same county.

The scene at Canossa, which had at the moment a merely relative importance, remained in the memories of men as a symbol which was hateful or comforting, according to the point of view from which it was considered.

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Cardinal de Retzs red hat, or Madame de Longuevilles stool at the queens side; it was, as its name of Fronde indicates, a hateful farce, played by grown-up children, in several acts.

Unity was the crying need; and men began to fasten upon him the responsibility of the hateful schism, not on the score of insincerity - which would have been very unjust, - but by reason of his obstinate persistence in the course he had chosen.

Whether from weariness or from repentance, the Turkish soldiery discontinued for a time their hateful excesses, and their new leader, Musa b.

He squandered the resources left to him by his father, and made himself hateful to all classes of his subjects by his exactions and tyranny.

For though they have not yet brought forth the fruits of their iniquity, they have the seed shut up in them; nay, their whole nature is a sort of seed of sin, therefore it cannot but be hateful and abominable to God (Instil.

He is such a hateful man.

This was a democratic measure which marked the party to which the Torriani belonged and rendered them hateful to the nobility.