Sentence Examples with the word harvesting

Cultivation in the northern parts of India is done by digging over the soil - locally termed hoeing - once in the winter quarter and Cultiva- six times in the nine months of the harvesting season.

And N.W., the initial planting and harvesting of each crop progressing wave-like across the state in from one to two weeks.

From the great opercula of certain marine forms bracelets and other ornaments are carved, while the hard serrated edges of other species are sometimes employed in place of knives for harvesting rice.

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As a rule the weather during the harvesting period permits the grain to be gathered safely without damage from sprouting.

Ever since the conclusion of the Great Northern War, Danish statesmen had been occupied in harvesting its fruits, namely, the Gottorp portions of Schleswig definitely annexed to Denmark in 1721 by the treaty of Nystad, and endeavouring to bring about a definitive general understanding with the house of Gottorp as to their remaining possessions in Holstein.

Among the Hebrews it was the third and chief of the three annual pilgrimage festivals connected respectively with the harvesting of the barley (Passover), of wheat (Pentecost), and of the vine (Tabernacles).

The harvesting habits of certain ants have long been known,the subterranean store-houses of Mediterranean species of Aphaenogaster having been described by J.

The cost derives from the application of huge amounts of energy, intelligence, and technology to obtain and process the raw materials: digging and smelting to create high-grade steel, harvesting and refining and molding to make rubber parts, and so on.

The other men go back to their homes or to the factories in the cities, where they await the harvesting and threshing season.

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