Sentence Examples with the word harvest

Entire villages migrate after the harvest to the neighbourhood of some plentiful well.

If the harvest is huge and the price of food is low, the farmer is insulated from this; he can put his produce on deposit and sell it later, or sell it for a higher price in the global market where prices may not have fallen.

MIN, the god of Coptos and Panopolis (Akhmim), seems to have been early looked upon as a deity of the harvest and crops.

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The Baptist cause in New England that had profited so largely from the Great Awakening failed to reap a like harvest from the War of Independence.

But they received a rich compensation in the Eastern Alps (not to speak of the imperial crown), for they there gathered in the harvest that numerous minor dynasties had prepared for them, albeit unconsciously.

If, on the other hand, it was, as in ancient Jewish times, the first after the earliest ears of the barley harvest would be ripe, it would have varied with the forwardness or backward If the Passover celebration could, be anticipated by one day in a private Jewish family (and we know perhaps too little of Jewish rules in the time of Christ to be able to exclude this possibility), the evidence of the synoptic Gospels would no longer conflict with that of St John.

That takes all those up into itself, outshining them in radiance and glory - just as in the last month of the rains, at harvest time, the sun, mounting up on high into the clear and cloudless sky, overwhelms all darkness in the realms 1 Questions of King Milinda, translated by Rhys Davids (Oxford, 1890-1894), vol.

In the desert, too, there is a widely scattered tribe, the Salubi, which from its name (Salib, cross) is conjectured to be of early Christian origin; they are great hunters, killing ostriches and gazelles; the Arabs despise them as an inferior race, but do not harm them; they pay a small tax to the tribe under whose protection they live, and render service as labourers, for which they receive in the spring milk and cheese; at the date harvest they get wages in kind; with this, and the produce of the chase, they manage to exist in the desert without agriculture or flocks.

All nations have similar harvest homes, especially with reference to the vintage feasts; as, for instance, the Athenian Oschophoria.

The million-gallon harvest of nature's heated waters was a major tourist attraction.