Sentence Examples with the word harrowing

More or less and the harrowing id.

These are open tracts upon which the blue ground is spread out and left exposed to sun and rain until it crumbles and disintegrates, the process being hastened by harrowing with steam ploughs; this may require a period of three or six months, or even a year.

Mall, The Harrowing of Hell (Breslau, 1871).

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After-cultivation may comprise rolling, harrowing (to preserve the fineness of the tilth) and in some districts hoeing.

The harrowing is done with 25-ft.

In the same way the villagers had to go through the work of harrowing with their harrows, and of removing the harvest in their vans and carts.

Captains Speke and Grant, who had travelled through Uganda and came down the White Nile in 1863, and Sir Samuel Baker, who went up the same river as far as Albert Nyanza, brought back harrowing tales of the misery caused by the slave-hunters.

Constant hoeing or harrowing to maintain a natural soil mulch layer of 2 or 3 in.

Every effort should be made to prepare a good mealy tilth by suitable ploughing, harrowing and consolidation.