Sentence Examples with the word harris

The continental, single-breasted cassock, with a long row of small buttons from neck to hem, is said to have been first introduced into England by Bishop Harris of Llandaff (1729-1738).

Dr Rendel Harris published in 1887 a complete facsimile, and gathered a great store of patristic illustration.

Although, as Sir Harris Nicolas observes, nothing is now known of the form of admitting ladies into the order, the description applied to them in the records during the 14th and 15th centuries leaves no doubt that they were regularly received into it.

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Henrivaux, Le Verre et le cristal (Paris, 1887), and La Verrerie au XX' siecle (1903); Chance, Harris and Powell, Principles of Glass-making (London, 1883); Moritz V.

In 1736, on returning home, Harris opened a school, Griffith Jones supplying him with books from his charity.

Rowland and Harris had been at work fully eighteen months before they met, at a service in Devynock church, in the upper part of Breconshire.

This attitude towards the English Church was accentuated by the consecration, on the 28th of April 1908, of Mr Arnold Harris Mathew 1 as bishop of the Old Catholics in England by Dr Gerard Gul, Jansenist archbishop of Utrecht.

Other noteworthy and interesting, though in the end probably less important, work has been done by Blass, Bousset, Schmidtke, Rendel Harris and Chase.

The Philosophical Society died out before 1874, when Harris founded in St Louis a Kant Club, which lived for fifteen years.

They were indirectly the outcome of the evangelistic efforts of Howell Harris and Rowlands.