Sentence Examples with the word harried

In 480 it supplied ships to Xerxes and was subsequently harried by the Greek fleet.

Gabriel gave her a harried look, one that said his patience was at an end.

He suppressed this domestic rebellion indeed, but in the meantime the Poles had invaded the Bohemian domains with 60,000 men, and when in 1474 Matthias was at last able to take the field against them in order to raise the siege of Breslau, he was obliged to fortify himself in an entrenched camp, whence he so skilfully harried the enemy that the Poles, impatient to return to their own country, made peace at Breslau (Feb.

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Together Canute and Edric harried Mercia, and were preparing to reduce London, when Ethelred died there on the 23rd of April 1016.

In this region Smbat, of the great Bagraduni clan, reorganized their Church, and was succeeded during a space of 170 or 200 years by seven leaders, enumerated by the Armenian Grigor Magistros, who as duke, of Mesopotamia under Constantine Monomachos harried them about 1140.

Nations supplied the armies, while foreigners settled in the rich lands of the Delta and harried the coasts.

In 1452 the earl of Huntly crushed the insurrection led by the earl of Crawford at the battle of Brechin Muir, and in 1645 the town and castle were harried by the marquis of Montrose.

The invaders harried Wiltshire and Hampshire at their leisure, and vainly thought that Wessex was at last subdued.

From the 13th century, and the latter part of the Mycenaean age; the name of Teucer, the legendary founder of Salamis, probably is a reminiscence of the piratical Tikkara who harried the Egyptian coast under Rameses III.

The Jesuits now gained the upper hand; one by one the liberal provisions of the constitution were modified or annulled; the Protestants were harried and oppressed; and a rigorous censorship forbade any free discussion of internal politics.