Sentence Examples with the word harper

Samuel Bell Levi Woodbury David Lawrence Morril Benjamin Pierce John Bell Benjamin Pierce Matthew Harvey Joseph Morrill Harper (acting) Samuel Dinsmoor William Badger.

Judge Chase was defended by the ablest lawyers in the country, including Luther Martin, Robert Goodloe Harper (1765-1825), Philip Barton Key (1757-1815), Charles Lee (1758-1815), and Joseph Hopkinson (1770-1842).

Since then Harper has shown that the same process occurs in Erysiphe and Phyllactinia.

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He loved music himself, and justified this profane pleasure by the example of Bishop Grosseteste, who lodged his harper in the chamber next his own; but he holds up as a warning to gleemen the fate of the minstrel who sang loud while the bishop said grace, and was miserably killed by a falling stone in consequence.

On the 18th of April 1861, the day after Virginia passed her ordinance of secession, when a considerable force of Virginia militia under General Kenton Harper approached the town - an attack having been planned in Richmond two days before - the Federal garrison of 45 men under Lieutenant Roger Jones set fire to the arsenal and fled.

His review of Harper in Hibbert Journal, iii.

And Semitic Studies: in Memory of William Rainey Harper (Chicago, 1908).

Among his students were Professors Elmslie, Skinner, Harper of Melbourne, Walker of Belfast, George Adam Smith of Glasgow and W.

If there are two fusions one would expect two reductions, and Harper has suggested that the division of the nuclei into eight in the ascus, instead of into four spores as in most reduction processes, is associated with a double reduction process in the ascus.

De Bary brought forward very strong evidence for the origin of the ascocarp in Sphaerotheca and Erysiphe by a sexual process, but Harper in 1895 was the first to prove conclusively, by the observation of the nuclear fusion, that there was a definite fertilization in Sphaerotheca Humuli by the fusion of a male (antheridial) nucleus with a female, ascogonial (oogonial) nucleus.