Sentence Examples with the word harnessed

He was like a horse running downhill harnessed to a heavy cart.

The team was harnessed and ready to go.

The train drivers and orderlies harnessed and packed the wagons and tied on the loads.

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The first thing he saw on riding up to the space where Tushin's guns were stationed was an unharnessed horse with a broken leg, that lay screaming piteously beside the harnessed horses.

The mission appears not to have been an unqualified success, though Crispi afterwards affirmed in the Chamber (4th March 1886) that Depretis might in 1877 have harnessed fortune to the Italian chariot.

The harnessed antelopes, or bushbucks, are closely allied to the kudus, from which they chiefly differ by the spiral formed by the horns generally having fewer turns.

MARSHBUCK, a book-name proposed for such of the African bushbucks or harnessed antelopes as have abnormally long hoofs to support them in walking on marshy or swampy ground.

There are several allied species, sometimes known as harnessed antelopes, which are of a larger size.

The ox is very generally used as a draught animal in country districts remote from railways; sixteen or eighteen oxen being harnessed to a wagon carrying 3 to 4 tons.

She watched as he harnessed Ed.