Sentence Examples with the word harm

Averroes, at the same time, condemns the attempts of those who tried to give demonstrative science where the mind was not capable of more than rhetoric: they harm religion by their mere negations, destroying an old sensuous creed, but cannot build up a higher and intellectual faith.

The chance for physical harm was too great.

I can't see what harm it could do.

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You must also never harm another.

Between sixty and seventy were freed from severe physical or mental harm and in some instances murder.

I don't see the harm in Fred trying to find out whose bones Martha found.

Another group of Hymenoptera occasionally causes much harm in fir plantations, namely, the Siricidae or wood-wasps, whose larvae burrow into the trunks of the trees and thus kill them.

I'm ashamed that I caused so much harm to everyone.

We killed a score or so of 'more-orderers,' but we did no harm else...

He will not let anything harm us at night.