Sentence Examples with the word hardly ever

But so absolute was his lifelong self-mastery that he was hardly ever betrayed into saying that which, on cooler reflection, needed to be recalled.

The Hindu Kush, formidable as it seems, and often as it has been the limit between petty states, has hardly ever been the boundary of a considerable power.

The decision of Germany would theoretically have to depend on the question which party was the aggressora question which notoriously is hardly ever capable of an answer.

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As her health failed she hardly ever left the convent of the Carmelites in which she had been educated.

There had hardly ever been a period when food had been so dear, when wages had been so low, when poverty had been so widespread, and the condition of the lower orders so depraved and so hopeless, as in the early years of the queens reign.

But carriage roads in the Ottoman dominions are seldom completely made, and hardly ever kept in repair.

A general does nothing but command the troops, indicates the objective, and hardly ever uses a weapon himself.

The problems discussed under this fictitious guise are with rare exceptions fundamental problems for every age; and, whatever may be thought of the positions maintained, the discussions are hardly ever feeble or trivial.

The tide began to flow which has hardly ever ebbed during three-and-twenty centuries.

The real meaning of these peculiarities is hardly ever expressed by him, though it is clear that the solution of the matter is to be found in the inadequacy of the positive theory to meet the demands of reason for completed explanation.