Sentence Examples with the word hardly a

Martha showed little interest and had said hardly a word.

There aren't any open side roads and hardly a plowed turnoff on this highway for twenty miles.

It is an interesting fact that the centrally situated Bernese Alps produce hardly a single peculiar species.

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The auxiliary castella were hardly a tenth of the size, varying generally from three to six acres according to the size of the regiment and the need for stabling.

This he accomplished in the next spring, but meanwhile hardly a foothold remained to him in Gascony.

There is hardly a page of Ovid which does not show obligations to his poems, while other writers made a more sparing use of his stories.

In the immense region which Gibbon surveyed there is hardly a section which has not been submitted to the microscopic examination of specialists.

His own poetry has but little value; Herder was a skilful verse-maker but hardly a creative poet.

In passing, it may be noted that the cost of the ore itself forms a relatively small part of the cost even of the cruder forms of steel, hardly a quarter of the cost of such simple products as rails, and an insignificant part of the cost of many most important finished objects, such as magnets, cutting tools, springs and wire, for which iron is almost indispensable.

Alphonse de Candolle (Geographic botanique, p. 798) informs us that several botanists of Paris, Geneva, and especially of Montpellier, have sown the seeds of many hundreds of species of exotic hardy plants, in what appeared to be the most favourable situations, but that in hardly a single case has any one of them become naturalized.