Sentence Examples with the word hardly

Before old Pop Dawkins croaked, those guys hardly spoke to each other.

Moreover, the account of the joint undertaking by Judah (under Jehoshaphat) and Israel against Syria at Ramoth-Gilead at the time of Ahab's death, and again (under Ahaziah) when Jehoram was wounded, shortly before the accession of Jehu, are historical doublets, and they can hardly be harmonized either with the known events of 854 and 842 or with the course of the intervening years.

The Avon finally enters the estuary of the Severn at Avonmouth, though it can hardly be reckoned as a tributary of that river.

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For the following reigns Egyptian documents hardly exist, but some papyri written in Aramaic have been found at Elephantine and at Memphis.

By the middle of the, 5th century there was hardly an active inquisitor left in the kingdom.

These two years and a half of conflict were filled with isolated encounters which can hardly be reduced to coherent and ordered operations.

Many of the psalms are doxologies or the like, expressly written for the Temple; others are made up of extracts from older poems in a way perfectly natural in a hymn-book, but otherwise hardly intelligible.

The abject apology given by Tim Holt, the head of the HSS, was hardly necessary.

There can be no doubt that the Indian conquests of Alexander were the means of making the parrot better known in Europe, and it is in reference to this fact that another Eastern species of Palaeornis now bears the name of P. alexandri, though from the localities it inhabits it could hardly have had anything to do with the Macedonian hero.

It was hardly fair to shift that responsibility solely to him.