Sentence Examples with the word hard-fought

Early in August, Van Dorn, now in command of the place, sent a force to attack Williams, and on the 5th a hard-fought action took place at Baton Rouge, in which Williams was killed but his troops held their own.

Earl of Shrewsbury and the greater part of his Anglo-Gascon host were Battle of cut to pieces at the hard-fought battle of Castillon.

In Italy, however, there were three hard-fought - though indecisive - battles, Parma (June 29, 1734), Luzzara (Sept.

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Mahommed Bey, the defterdgr, with another force of about the same strength, was then sent by Mehemet Ali against Kordofan with a like result, but not without a hard-fought engagement.

Born at Lima in 1806, of pure Basque descent, he joined the patriot army before he was fifteen and displayed his audacious valour in many a hard-fought battle.

A hard-fought conflict, in which the Greek infantry displayed admirable firmness, was decided in favour of Philip through the superior organization of his army.

Conspicuous among them were his famous combat with Eustace de Ribemont, near Calais, in 1349, and the hard-fought naval victory over the Spaniards off Winchelsea, in 1350.

He took part in General Buell's campaign against Bragg, and led the 11th division of the Army of the Ohio at the hard-fought battle of Perryville (October 8).

The casualties in the hard-fought battle of Ligny were very heavy.

The famous relic appears to be the solitary survivor of a class, for Abbot Baudri described in Latin verse a similar work executed for Adela, daughter of the Conqueror, and in earlier days the widow of Brihtnoth had wrought a similar record of her husband's exploits and death at the hard-fought battle of Maldon (991) See E.