Sentence Examples with the word hard pressed

It is true that Moab was continuously hard pressed by desert hordes; the exposed condition of the land is emphasized by the chains of ruined forts and castles which even the Romans were compelled to construct.

Colonel Stevani with four native battalions to relieve, cnt, C Kassala, then hard pressed by the Mahdists.

Dean in turn suspected the Dawkins, one or more or all, although he was hard pressed to find a plausible reason for them to do so, or a reasonable scenario of how they might have pulled off the switch.

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Although the outbreak of war had been preceded by years of angry diplomatic dispute, the United States were absolutely unready, while Great Britain was still hard pressed by the hostility of Napoleon, and was compelled to retain the greater part of her forces and her best crews in European waters, till the ruin of the Grande Armee in Russia and the rising of Germany left her free to send an overwhelming force of ships to American waters.

From Assyrian inscriptions it has been gathered that Padi, king of Ekron, was for a time the vassal of Hezekiah of Judah, but regained his independence when the latter was hard pressed by Sennacherib.

To give his enemies a breathing space when they were hard pressed was an insane proceeding unless he meant to make peace.

I don't know about forever, but you'd be hard pressed to find a better view.

With an annual graduating class between ten to twenty students, the school was hard pressed to field notable teams.

About this time Hobbes had begun to be hard pressed by other foes, and, being never more sure of himself than upon the question of the will, he appears to have welcomed the opportunity thus given him of showing his strength.

Bertotti was confident that he had the measure of his adversary in the Pasubio sector; the others felt themselves still hard pressed by the Archduke Charles and von Koevess's right wing.