Sentence Examples with the word hard on

She closed her eyes to concentrate hard on summoning the portal to the shadow place.

Focusing hard on Wynn, she willed the portal to appear.

As if sensing her doubt about how much of a jerk he was, he slapped her hard on the ass once more.

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Instead, he focused hard on cleaning up her blood and bandaging her arm before the scent drove him too wild to control himself.

He pulled off his sweater then dropped back onto the sparring mat, focusing hard on calming himself down.

He did not allow himself either to be hard on or punish a man, or to make things easy for or reward anyone, merely because he felt inclined to do so.

She concentrated hard on another wilted flower, bringing it back to full bloom.

She shoved him away, landing hard on her backside while he careened into the bathroom wall.

Terrified she'd find him in the tub, nothing more than a pile of bones, she pushed herself away from the wall and focused hard on calling a portal.

One can readily understand the popularity of the Crusades, when one reflects that they permitted men to get to the other world by fighting hard on earth, and allowed them to gain the fruits of asceticism by the ways of hedonism.