Sentence Examples with the word hard

Great care is necessary to prevent the heaps from becoming too hot, in which case the clay becomes baked into hard lumps of brick-like material which cannot be broken up. With careful management, however, the clay dries and bakes, becoming slowly converted into lumps which readily crumble into a fine powder, in which state it is spread over and worked into the land at the rate of 40 loads per acre.

When these guys want something, they work real hard to get it and they have lots of toys at their disposal.

It was hard to believe a village could be this close and they didn't know it was there.

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His style is severely academic, his colour lacking in richness and warmth, his execution hard and uninteresting in its very perfection.

Three or four Swedish turnips or an equivalent of carrots is an excellent cooling food for a horse at hard work.

It is by no means certain that a hard and fast line can be drawn between intraand intercellular lumina.

How far the accusation of lewdness brought against them is just is hard to say, but they seem to have been a really serious peril to the nation.

He reminded her of an ancient Greek god, his cold, hard beauty magnified by his sun-kissed skin and dark blond hair.

The timbers in the second class are obtained from non-coniferous trees, containing no turpentine or resin, and are given the general name of hard woods.

Bracts forming a fleshy or hard cupule which envelops the one to several fruits.