Sentence Examples with the word harbor

I am glad we did so; for it was lovely and cool on the water, and Boston Harbor is always interesting.

Is the much more spacious Pearl Harbor (a U.

And is served by an interurban electric line and by steamboat lines to Portland, Boston, Bangor, Bar Harbor and other coast ports.

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Every harbor on the sea-coast, also, has its bar at its entrance.

David Thomson with a small company from Plymouth, England, in the spring or early summer of 1623 built and fortified a house at Little Harbor (now Odiorne's Point in the township of Rye) as a fishing and trading station.

Boston Harbor has been frozen over in the past, but steamtugs plying constantly now prevent the occurrence of such obstruction.

He built a house on Odiorne's Point overlooking Little Harbor, and, although he removed to an island in Boston Harbor in 1626, he may have continued to superintend the business of the company .until the expiration of the five-year term.

Petoskey was settled about 1874, was incorporated as a village in 1879, was chartered as a city in 1895, and in 1902 replaced Harbor Springs as county-seat.

Boston Harbor (originally known as Massachusetts Bay, a name which now has a much broader signification) is the finest roadstead on the coast.

He took part in the battle of Chickamauga, defeated General Franz Sigel at Newmarket, Virginia, on the 15th of May 1864, and then joined Lee and took part in the battles of Cold Harbor on the 1st and on the 3rd of June.