Sentence Examples with the word harass

As soon, however, as he thought his power secure, he threw off the mask, and began to harass and oppress the Huguenots by every means he could devise.

Nevertheless, to the end of his career, he continued to harass and annoy his long-suffering benefactor with fresh impertinences.

For some years the hostile fleets continued to harass each other and engage in petty skirmishes, as if to measure their strength and prepare for a final effort.

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The British advance had been marked by more than the usual destruction of war; the Loyalists rose to arms; the whig population scattered and without much organization formed groups of riflemen and mounted troopers to harass the enemy.

A great many turned brigands rather than serve tin, and together with the remaining adherents of Bourbon rule and wa lefactors of all kinds, were made use of by the ex-king and his ma ourage to harass the Italian administration.

The Confederates, naturally anxious to harass the commerce of their enemies, endeavotired from the commencement of hostilities to purchase armed cruisers from builders of neutral nations.

But the Dalmatian raids continued to harass Venetian trade, till, in r000, the great doge Pietro Orseolo II.

Assyria, therefore, was ill prepared to face the hordes of Scythians - or Manda, as they were called by the Babylonians - who now began to harass the frontiers.

But, if I deny the authority of the State when it presents its tax-bill, it will soon take and waste all my property, and so harass me and my children without end.

In the two following years he continued to harass the government by his publications: and in 1692 he was again in prison under suspicion of treasonable correspondence with James.