Sentence Examples with the word happy

The marriage was not a happy one, and after the birth of a son incompatibility of temper led to a separation, the count retiring to his estate on the Indre, where by an extravagant course of living he became hopelessly involved in debt.

Rostov was happy in the assurance that the rumors about the Emperor being wounded were false.

Her mind went crazy with thoughts and emotions, and she wondered if A'Ran would be happy to see her.

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They are just like little boys and girls when they forget books and studies, and run away to the woods and the fields, to gather wild flowers, or wade in the ponds for fragrant lilies, happy in the bright sunshine.

In some of the following psalms there are still references to deeds of oppression and violence, but more generally Israel appears as happy under the law.

You are happy enough I no longer need to dull the pain.

This paradox is violent, but it is quite in harmony with the spirit of Stoicism; and we are more startled to find that the Epicurean sage, no less than the Stoic, is to be happy even on the rack; that his happiness, too, is unimpaired by being restricted in duration, when his mind has apprehended the natural limits of life; that, in short, Epicurus makes no less strenuous efforts than Zeno to eliminate imperfection from the conditions of human existence.

After that I spent many happy hours in my tree of paradise, thinking fair thoughts and dreaming bright dreams.

My parents were delighted to hear me speak, and I was overjoyed to give them such a happy surprise.

Maybe she wasn't happy with the way her parents lived.