Sentence Examples with the word happily

There was nothing at all within a few feet of him, aside from knee-high wild flowers waving happily in the spring breeze.

But this vandalism, which Wagner condoned with a very bad grace, now happily begins to give way to the practice of presenting long scenes or entire acts, with the singers, on the concert-platform.

Duff was called to the chair, and guided the church happily through this crisis.

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They'd start their lives together and live happily ever after.

But like Czar Peter content to toil in the shipyards of foreign cities, Queequeg disdained no seeming ignominy, if thereby he might happily gain the power of enlightening his untutored countrymen.

Captain D'Wolf applied immediately to the pumps to examine whether or not the vessel had received any damage from the shock, but we found that very happily it had escaped entirely uninjured.

They had been happily married for twenty years.

Meanwhile, in Germany, the styles of Sallust and Livy were being happily imitated in the Annals of Lambert of Hersfeld (d.

Betsy renewed her quest for motherhood with vigor and a more than willing mate happily responded.

He had the air of a man happily performing one of the most solemn duties of his life.