Sentence Examples with the word haphazard

But there can be little doubt that the mating of mares with horses has been often pursued on a haphazard plan, or on no system at all; to this the Stud-Book testifies too plainly.

Thus history shows how readily the term has been used in the most haphazard manner to describe even the most trivial divergence of opinion concerning points of dogma.

ACCIDENTALISM, a term used (1) in philosophy for any system of thought which denies the causal nexus and maintains that events succeed one another haphazard or by chance (not in the mathematical but in the popular sense).

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The reason for this is to be sought partly in the unscientific methods of cultivation, and partly, in many districts, in the haphazard methods of vinification employed.

At the end of the day, although the whole of Birdwood's infantry had been ashore for several hours, the position which these troops had taken up remained a haphazard one, no depth had been secured, losses had been heavy, and the situation seemed so threatening that the question of a withdrawal was even considered at one time.

These models flew in a haphazard sort of a way, it being found exceedingly difficult to confer on them the necessary degree of stability fore and aft and laterally.

The first makers of namako did not aim at regularity in the distribution of these dots; they were content to produce the effect of millet-seed sifted haphazard over the surface.

But the belief, dating from Malpighi Th (1670), that there is a relationship to be discovered, and not merely a haphazard congregation of varieties of gists.

Freher (Frankfort, j6oo16i1), may be noticed, although these were only put together and printed in the most haphazard and unconnected fashion.

Consequently the result of the haphazard pairing of a large number of these two groups of reproductive cells was to yield, according to the regular law of chance combination, the proportion 'PP, 2PN, INN, where P stands for the positive character and N for its absence or negative character - the positive character being accordingly present in three-fourths of the offspring and absent from onefourth.