Sentence Examples with the word hanover

REPSOLD, JOHANN GEORG (1771-1830), German instrument maker, was born at Wremen in Hanover on the 23rd of September 1771, and became an engineer and afterwards chief of the fire brigade in Hamburg, where he started business as an instrument maker early in the 19th century.

Preferred Hanover to England as a place of residence, and it was a frequent and perhaps justifiable cause of complaint that the interests of Great Britain were sacrificed to those of the smaller country.

The dues were fostered by the growing trade of Hamburg, and in 1861, when they were redeemed (for 427,600) by the nations trading in the Elbe, the exchequer of Hanover was in the yearly receipt of about L45,000 from this source.

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He was born at Hanover on the 10th of March 1772.

The greater part of Hanover is a plain with sandhills, heath and moor.

HITZACKER, a town of Germany, in the Prussian province of Hanover at the influx of the Jeetze into the Elbe, 33 m.

Of these the most important were the so-called Guelphs (Welf en), described by themselves as the Hannoverische Rechtspartei, member of the old Hanoverian nobility who represented the rural districts of Hanover and still regarded the deposed King George V.

ASHLAND, a village of Hanover county, Virginia, U.S.A., 17 m.

This engagement is commemorated by an equestrian statue erected in Hanover by the state.

As regards the administration of justice, Waldeck and Pyrmont belong to the districts of Cassel and Hanover respectively.