Sentence Examples with the word hannibal

Twelve years later Hannibal seems to have taken this route in his march south after the victory of the Trebia.

The evacuation of Greece by the Romans gave Antiochus his opportunity, and he now had the fugitive Hannibal at his court to urge him on.

North-east of Rolla, Phelps county, Hannibal Cave (in Ralls county, about 1 m.

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Claudius Marcellus defeated the Gauls and won the spolia opima; in 218 Hannibal took it and its stores of corn by treachery.

The Allobroges first occur in history as taking part with Hannibal in the invasion of Italy.

The successors of Strato in the headship of the Lyceum were Lyco, Aristo of Ceos, Critolaus, Diodorus of Tyre, and Erymneus, who brings the philosophic succession down to about z oo B.C. Other Peripatetics belonging to this period are Hieronymus of Rhodes, Prytanis and Phormio of Ephesus, the delirus senex who attempted to instruct Hannibal in the art of war (Cic. De orat.

After the Athenian debacle, the Segestans turned to Carthage; but when Hannibal in 409 B.C. firmly established the Carthaginian power in western Sicily, Segesta sank to the position of a dependent ally, and was indeed besieged by Dionysius in 397, being at last relieved by Himilco.

The town of South Hannibal was annexed to it in 1843.

Some, however, appear to have stayed behind, since, during the Second Punic War, Magalus, a Boian prince, offered to show Hannibal the way into Italy after he had crossed the Pyrenees (Livy xxi.

The Great (223-187 B.C.) who sheltered Hannibal and waged war with Rome, and his son Antiochus IV.