Sentence Examples with the word hank

This ideal was realized in 1801, when the whole of the left hank of the Rhine was formally ceded to France.

At the close of the 19th century the remodelled hank charter, which is only to expire in 1921, authorized a maximum issue of 100,000,000.

It may be washed or dyed just as required, either in hank or in warp.

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Dean rose with a yawn just as Errol Garner was replaced by Hank Snow.

Dean found it difficult concentrating on the expense reports with Fred's foot keeping time against the coffee table to an early cut of Hank Williams, but gradually his mind began to focus on the forms.

The Alphonsist armies, led by Marshals Campos and Jovellar, swept the Carlist bands from the right hank of the Ebro to the Pyrenees, and took their last strongholds in the eastern provinces, Cantavieja and Seo de Urgel.

Bordeaux, this is Casey Fritz, Hank Royce, and John Davis.