Sentence Examples with the word hanging in

He was wearing a shirt and his unfastened necktie was hanging in my face.

But when the Agape on one side and paganism on the other receded into a dim past, owing to the enhanced sacrosanctity of the Eucharist and because of the severe edicts of the emperor Theodosius and his successors, the psychological background fell away, and the Eucharist was left isolated and hanging in the air.

Dean felt ill at ease in Cynthia Byrne's bedroom, spying on her world, seeing the small rainbow of dresses hanging in her closet, sharing space with suits and shirts looking as if they were awaiting the return of Jeffrey Byrne.

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According to Sharp, all Dermestid larvae probably feed on dried animal matters; he mentions one species that can find sufficient food in the horsehair of furniture, and another that eats the dried insect-skins hanging in old cobwebs.

The skirt is called lhenga or ghagrc. It is worn mostly in Rajputana hanging in full flounces to the knee or a little below.

Me standing there half naked, Gladys screaming her fool head off, Edith's body hanging in the middle of the room....

And Ozma has an enchanted picture hanging in her room that shows her the exact scene where any of her friends may be, at any time she chooses.

The so-called water cabbage (Pistia Stratiotes) is a floating plant widely distributed in the tropics, and consisting of rosettes of broadish leaves several inches across and a tuft of roots hanging in the water.

After impact the two masses will rebound, and the process may be repeated any number of times, but ultimately the two masses will be found again hanging in contact side by side.

A large piece of stuff with a hole for the head to go through, hanging in ample folds round the body.