Sentence Examples with the word handling

Nope. Your people are handling all of that.

In 1800 he won great credit both by his exertions in bringing the artillery of the Army of Reserve over the Alps and by his handling of guns in the battle of Marengo.

Main passages is determined mainly by considerations of convenience and economy in excavating and handling the WtfT.

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One morning upon handling the pumps, according to daily usage, it was observed that she made more water in her hold than common.

Though not endowed with the strength and originality of mind that characterized Tyndale's work, Coverdale showed great discrimination in the handling and use of his authorities, and moreover a certain delicacy and happy ease in his rendering of the Biblical text, to which we owe not a few of the beautiful expressions of our present Bible.

End of the harbour some 65 acres of land were reclaimed during 1905-1906, and wharves built for the handling of heavy and bulky goods such as timber and corrugated iron.

You're very good at handling her, thank you.

His handling of his division in this struggle excited great attention, and was compared to Sheridan's work at Stone river.

So our wealth of material narrows down in the ordinary handling to a single question.

In this system there is for each ingot and each mould only one handling in which it is moved as a separate unit, the mould from one train to the other, the ingot from its train into the furnace.