Sentence Examples with the word handicapped

Which separate the ore fields of Lake Superior from the cheap coal of Pennsylvania would have handicapped the American iron industry most seriously but for the remarkable cheapening of transportation which has occurred.

Like his predecessor, Prince Gorchakov, he was educated at the lyceum of Tsarskoye Selo, near St Petersburg, but his career was much less rapid, because he had no influential protectors, and was handicapped by being a Protestant of Teutonic origin.

Elizabeth was terribly handicapped by having no heirs of her body and no obvious English successor.

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He also caused new rules to be enacted by which his Jewish subjects were heavily handicapped in education and professional advancement.

In dealing with Plato he was handicapped by this very common sense, which prevented him from appreciating the theory of ideas in its widest relations.

It may be objected that candidates are heavily handicapped by nervousness in oral examinations, but this objection does not afford sufficient ground for rejecting the test, provided that it is supplemented by others.

Though handicapped in his later years by delicate health, his intellectual grasp and wide knowledge and research gradually made him famous as a jurist and historian.

Though delicate in health and in later life handicapped by deafness, he showed from the first marked ability and fighting force.

But, when I took up Algebra, I had a harder time still--I was terribly handicapped by my imperfect knowledge of the notation.

Taylor's brilliant victory, won when he was so greatly handicapped by 'Polk, emphasized the popular discontent which that president's policy had already aroused, and suggested him to the political leaders as a presidential possibility.