Sentence Examples with the word handful

He tossed it on the bed and grabbed a handful of clothes then stuffed them in.

At last Burnside moved forward, and, after a brilliant defence by the handful of men left to oppose him, forced the Antietam and began to roll up Lee's right, only to be attacked in rear himself by A.

The Aztecs settled there because of the security afforded by its islands and shallow waters - their city, Tenochtitlan, being so completely surrounded by water that a handful of warriors could easily defend its approaches against a greatly superior force.

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He grabbed a handful of her clothes from the suitcase and put them back in the drawer.

Until only a mere handful of them survived in the northern island of Yezo.

This insurrection gave birth to one of those wars in which a whole nation, destitute of pecuniary resources, military organization and skilful leaders, but familiar with the country, is opposed to a handful of soldiers advantageously posted and well officered.

A mission in Persia, with its handful of converts, has, on this view, as much right to support and appreciation as a mission in southern India with its tens of thousands.

She grabbed a handful of beads and dumped them into the bin, stopping when the flash of red caught her attention.

A handful of people were building an annex onto one of the buildings with their hands rather than with the technological tools she'd seen create structures.

Contemporary observers agree that the disease was introduced from the East; and one eyewitness, Gabriel de Mussis, an Italian lawyer, traced, or indeed accompanied, the march of the plague from the Crimea (whither it was said to have been introduced from Tartary) to Genoa, where with a handful of survivors of a Genoese expedition he landed probably at the end of the year 1347.