Sentence Examples with the word handbook

Manual) of Epictetus, a handbook of moral philosophy, for many years a favourite instruction book with both Christians and pagans.

It was doubtless one of the Friends who sent forth anonymously from the house of the Teutonic Order in Frankfort the famous handbook of mystical devotion called Eine deutsche Theologie, first published in 1516 by Luther.

There are plates representing members of the chief orders in Dugdale's Monasticon, and in the books of Gasquet and Steele mentioned above; also (coloured) in Tuker and Malleson, Handbook to Christian Rome, pt.

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Bailey, Handbook of Birds of the Western United States (Boston, 1902); E.

Baker's Handbook of Amaryllideae (1888); see also Nicholson, Dictionary of Gardening (1886); and J.

Baden-Powell, Handbook of Manufactures and Arts of the Punjab (Lahore, 1872); W.

Norton's Handbook of Florida (2nd edition, New York, 1892); the volumes of the Twelfth Census of the United States (for 1900) which treat of Agriculture and Manufactures, and the Special Report on Mines and Quarries for 1902.

In 1894 Mr Graham Sandberg compiled a useful Handbook of Colloquial Tibetan.

Kempe, A Handbook of Electrical Testing (London, 1900); H.

Laos, A Handbook of Peru for Investors and Immigrants (Baltimore, 1903); C. R.