Sentence Examples with the word hand down

Irritated by her tone, he reached in and ran his hand down the line of her sweaters.

Alex turned to Jonathan and pointed at him, then drew a cupped hand down his chest, thumb and fingers toward him.

Finally he mounted and held a hand down to Cassie.

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Xander smoothed hair from her face and traced his hand down the side of her body before hugging her against him.

She unsnapped the button of his jeans with one flick of her fingers and plunged her hand down his pants.

She ran her hand down his arm and side, unable to shake the desire to saturate her senses with every part of him.

She absently traced a hand down his shoulder and large bicep to the roped muscles of his forearm.

The special feature upon which most stress has been laid, ever since Wagner's death in 1883, has been not so much the musical as the dramatic significance of the works; it is contended by the inmost circle of Wagnerian adherents that none but they can fully realize the master's intentions or hand down his traditions.

Then he led him outside, mounted and held a hand down to her.

They hand down the names of the rulers of the several heavens as a weighty secret.