Sentence Examples with the word hancock

The divaricators proper are stated by Hancock to arise from the ventral valve, one on each side, a little in advance of and close to the adductors, and after rapidly diminishing in size become attached to the cardinal process, a space or prominence between the sockets in the dorsal valve.

The birthplace of Longfellow is now a tenement house at the corner of Fore and Hancock streets, near the Grand.

After the assassination of Lincoln, Hancock was placed in charge of Washington, and it was under his command that Booth's accomplices were tried and executed.

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In 1708 the town was divided into the North Precinct and the South Precinct, and it was in the former, now Quincy, that John Adams, John Hancock and John Quincy Adams were born.

Corps under Hancock was for the first time routed.

BAR HARBOR, a well-known summer resort of Hancock county, Maine, U.S.A., an unincorporated village, in the township of Eden, on Frenchman's Bay, on the E.

Hayes and Winfield Scott Hancock were nominated for the presidency.

He then returned to Congress, of which John Hancock had meanwhile been made president.

After the outbreak of the war a somewhat indefinite, heterogeneous provisional government was in power till a constitution was adopted in 1780, when John Hancock became the first governor.

NAUVOO, a city of Hancock county, Illinois, U.S.A., on the Mississippi river at the head of the lower rapids and about 50 m.