Sentence Examples with the word hamster

The group is typified by the European hamster (Cricetus vulgaris or C. cricetus), to which a separate article is devoted (see Hamster); the genus includes a number of species ranged under several sub-genera, such as Mesocricetus, Cricetulus, and Urocricetus, widely spread in Western and Central Asia, the last-mentioned, which is from Tibet, being distinguished by its relatively long tail.

All rodents, with the sole exception of the dormice, have a caecum, often of great length and sacculated,, as in hares, the water-rat and porcupines; and the long colon in some, as the hamster and water-rat, is spirally twisted upon itself near the commencement.

The burrow of the young hamster is only about a foot in depth, while that of the adult descends 4 or 5 ft.

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Among the rodents the hamster and the field-mouse are a scourge to agriculture.

On retiring for the winter the hamster closes the various entrances to its burrow, and becomes torpid during the coldest period.

The skin of the hamster is of some value, and its flesh is used as food.