Sentence Examples with the word hamburger

There are many valuable official publications which may be consulted, among these being: Statistik des hamburgischen Staates (1867-1904); Hamburgs Handel and Schiffahrt (1847-1903); the yearly Hamburgischer Staatskalender; and Jahrbuch der Hamburger wissenschaftlichen Anstalten.

Rachel rolled her eyes and checked the hamburger again.

A middle-aged woman entered the room, her hands full of hamburger meat as she formed a patty.

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In route, he pulled into a fast food drive-through and ordered two hamburger meals.

She chopped at the hamburger meat in the skillet with a spatula.

His criticisms of the government, given sometimes in conversation, sometimes in the columns of the Hamburger Nachrichten, caused an open breach between him and the emperor; and the new chancellor, Count Caprivi, in a circular despatch which was afterwards published, warned all German envoys that no real importance must be attached to what he said.

She lifted the lid and peeked at the hamburger meat.

Let's go get a hamburger or something.

I'll take a hamburger and fries.

It was hard to believe a simple hamburger could taste that good.