Sentence Examples with the word halter

Alex and Jonathan had started halter training Dawn, though it would be another year before they could ride her.

The halter top she wore exposed her trim midriff.

She had changed into a halter and shorts and brushed past him without a word.

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Alex was halter training her.

Galloping to the head of the team, she reached out to grab the halter on the lead horse.

The full-length, sequined halter gown she wore clung to every curve and sported slits on both sides clear up to the hip.

Incapable of independent action, the antipope was abandoned by the Romans and handed over to John, who forced him to make a solemn submission with a halter round his neck (August 15, 1330).

He dropped the saddle to the ground and slipped a halter over the horses' nose.

Yet habit--strange thing! what cannot habit accomplish?--Gayer sallies, more merry mirth, better jokes, and brighter repartees, you never heard over your mahogany, than you will hear over the half-inch white cedar of the whale-boat, when thus hung in hangman's nooses; and, like the six burghers of Calais before King Edward, the six men composing the crew pull into the jaws of death, with a halter around every neck, as you may say.