Sentence Examples with the word hallows

Sancus is obviously from sancire, meaning one who hallows the acts in which he takes part.

Experimental confirmation of Airy's theoretical results was afforded in 1842 by William Hallows Miller (Camb.

The parish church of All Hallows adjoined the abbey church on the west, but was taken down after the Dissolution, when the abbey church was sold to the parish.

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Other denominational schools are: St Mary's Academy (1875; Roman Catholic) in Salt Lake City; All Hallows College (1886; Roman Catholic) in Salt Lake City; Westminster College (1897; Presbyterian) in Salt Lake City, and Presbyterian academies at Logan, Springville and Mt.

Other institutions of learning are: the Latter-Day Saints University (1887) and the Latter-Day Saints High School, St Mary's Academy (1875; under the Roman Catholic Sisters of the Holy Cross), All Hallows College (1886; Roman Catholic), Gordon Academy (1870; Congregational),Rowland Hall Academy (1880; Protestant Episcopal) and Westminster College (1897; Presbyterian).

Loftus, however, favoured the project of founding a university in Dublin, though on lines different from Perrot's proposal, and it was largely through his influence that the corporation of Dublin granted the lands of the priory of All Hallows as a beginning of the endowment of Trinity College, of which he was named first provost in the charter creating the foundation in 1591.

Among other ancient churches within the City, that of All Hallows Barking, near the Tower of London, is principally Perpendicular and contains some fine brasses.

In addition to the foregoing, seven Roman Catholic institutions were ranked as colleges in the census of 1901: - All Hallows (Drumcondra), Holycross (Clonliffe), University College (Blackrock), St Patrick's (Carlow), St Kieran's (Kilkenny), St Stanislaus's (Tullamore) and St Patrick's (Thurles).