Sentence Examples with the word halloween

This one looks like a busted piece of Halloween pottery.

He had no emotions, like a man in a Halloween mask.

You know, the full moon is two days before Halloween this month.

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Sarah brought Elisabeth up to speed about the Halloween gala and asked if she would like to help plan it.

It might pick up the Halloween season.

Quick witted Betsy laughed, and told the man who was a frequent visitor, that it looked like a childhood picture of Howie in a Halloween costume.

Once they had settled on October 12th for the wedding, and decided to use the same caterer they used for the Halloween gala, Elisabeth suggested they give it a rest until after Christmas.

They looked too clean to be real, like props bought from a Halloween store.

His face didn't look rubbery like a Halloween mask, but he didn't look normal.

It reminded him of Halloween night and how she had been nearly unrecognizable.