Sentence Examples with the word hall

He considers that Hall's is the fundamental phenomenon, and that the Nernst effect is essentially identical with it, the primary electromotive force in the case of the latter being that of the Thomson effect in the unequally heated metal, while in the Hall experiment it is derived from an external source.

Slipping a hand around her waist, he helped her down the hall and across the living room.

One of the demons launched itself down the hall after her, only for the other to tackle it and the two of them to roll down the hall in a furry mass of wings, legs, and snapping teeth.

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The lines of its walls can still be traced, enclosing an area of 170 acres, and parts of the town hall and baths have been uncovered.

On the accession of Edward III., Henry, earl of Lancaster, as president of the council, had superintended the coronation of the infant king; John of Gaunt did the same for the infant Richard II.; and, as part of the duties involved, sat in the White Hall of Westminster to hear and determine the claims to perform coronation services.

This was a lecture-hall, or rather a hall for the religious disputations customary among the Cistercians.

It has an arcade with frescoes, restored by modern Munich artists, and contains a magnificent hall - the Fiirstensaalrichly decorated with wood-carving and stained-glass windows.

Despondent, she went from the dining hall to the top of the wall and leaned on it.

Other educational institutions are the Lyndon Hall School (1848) for girls, Putnam Hall (for girls), St Faith's School (Protestant Episcopal; removed in 1904 from Saratoga Springs, where it was founded in 1890), Riverview Military Academy (1836), and Eastman Business College, one of the largest commercial schools in the country, founded in 1859 by Harvey Gridley Eastman (1832-1878).

The Melbourne town hall contains a central chamber capable of accommodating 3000 people.