Sentence Examples with the word halfway

These main shoots were not again to be shortened back, but from each of them three young shoots were to be selected and trained in two, on the upper side, one near the base, and the other halfway up, and one on the lower side placed about midway between these two; these with the leading shoot, which was also to be nailed in, made four branches of the current year from each of the ten main branches, and the form of the tree would therefore be that of fig.

He was hardly halfway across the stony field when one of the horse's shoes flew off.

During his return to Constantinople Jovian was found dead in his bed at Dadastana, halfway between Ancyra and Nicaea.

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But I did-n't come halfway across the United States to pass up a chance like this.

On the east coast are the Malagasy, who in physical characteristics stand halfway between the Hova and the Sakalava, the last occupying the remaining portion of the island and displaying almost pure Negroid characteristics.

But the routes to be followed were difficult to find in the dark, the ascent was rapid, the ground was much broken, and the enemy opposed a stubborn resistance to the advance, with the result that this was greatly retarded, and that at daybreak the most forward of the columns was not much more than halfway up. The Ottoman staff had, moreover, on the first alarm begun to hurry reinforcements on the Sari Bair from the rear, while the Allied troops were so much exhausted by their nocturnal experiences that all attempts to win the upper ridge failed on the 7th.

Damian made it halfway to the grass, where the Black God paced beside a calm Jenn, when Xander's low voice stopped him.

Curious, she paused with the water bottle halfway to her mouth then set it down and flung the towel over her shoulder.

Driven from Subiaco by the jealousy and molestations of a neighbouring priest, but leaving behind him communities in his twelve monasteries, he himself, accompanied by a small band of disciples, journeyed south until he came to Cassino, a town halfway between Rome and Naples.

Her heart leapt, and she stood, halfway to him before his sharp look reminded her he wasn't someone she wanted to approach.