Sentence Examples with the word half-heartedly

She half-heartedly tried to twist around him to get away, squealing with mock fear as his arms captured her.

The bill, thus steadily opposed and half-heartedly supported, made only slow progress; and at last it was withdrawn by its author.

But when, at the fag-end of the session, they half-heartedly brought the matter forward, the Riksdag suddenly seemed to be stricken with paralysis.

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At the peace of Utrecht, concluded in 1713, the interests of the Netherlands were but half-heartedly supported by the English plenipotentiaries, and the French were able to obtain far more favourable terms than they had the power to exact.

All these suspicions were in Luther's mind when he consented very half-heartedly to meet Zwingli at a conference to be held in Philip of Hesse's castle at Marburg.

He allowed his supporters to suggest the offer of the regal title by putting in circulation an oracle according to which it was destined for a king of Rome to subdue the Parthians, and when at the Lupercalia (15th January 44 B.C.) Antony set the diadem on his head he rejected the offer half-heartedly on account of the groans of the people.

In the civil war between Sophia and Peter (August - September 1689), Golitsuin half-heartedly supported his mistress and shared her ruin.