Sentence Examples with the word half-hardy

Take up, dry and store dahlias and all tender tubers at the end of the month; pot lobelias and similar half-hardy plants from the open borders.

Pot off tender annuals, and cuttings of half-hardy greenhouse plants put in during February to get them well established for use in the flower garden.

Chrysanthemum carinatum: a charming half-hardy annual, 2 to 3 ft.

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This is a half-hardy bulbous plant, producing in the spring a number of strap-shaped, dull green leaves, 1-12 ft.

It is grown in conservatories for half-hardy plants.

Sow stocks, dahlias and a few tender and half-hardy annuals, on a slight hotbed, or tin pots.

Pelargoniums, pinks, monthly roses and all the half-hardy kinds of flowering plants should be planted early, but coleus, heliotrope and the more tender plants should be delayed until the end of the month.

Noble half-hardy bulbs, for planting near the front wall of a hothouse or greenhouse; the soil must be deep, rich and well drained.

The half-hardy series are best sown in pots or pans under glass in mild,heat, in order to accelerate germination.