Sentence Examples with the word half-dozen

There are at least 64 trees and at least 77 shrubs growing native in the state; but of their joint number a mere half-dozen or so can be classed as strictly endemic. Small woods of broad-leaf trees (and red cedars) grow very generally along all the water-courses of the state; and coniferous species grow along Pine Ridge and the Wild Cat Mountains.

He and Fred walked down the road, unfortunately meeting a half-dozen friends from town en route.

A stack of file folders was neatly arranged on one side, while a half-dozen pens, all facing in the same direction, were perfectly centered on the desk blotter.

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The last thing I want is a half-dozen little brats running around here tearing things up.

He ranks among the half-dozen greatest letterwriters in the English language, and he was perhaps the only great letter-writer with whom the felicity was due to the power of what he has seen rather than what he has read.

The story went on to cite a half-dozen sources where our tips had led to successes.

Her age must have been mentioned at least a half-dozen times in the last six trips.

I can easily list a half-dozen reasons this goal will be difficult to achieve.

This anomalous state of things was responsible for the half-dozen peasant risings with which Gustavus had to contend from 1525 to 15 4 3.

Here in the spring the half-dozen or more coyote pups are brought forth; and it is said that at this season the old ones systematically drive any large game they may be chasing as near to their burrow, where the young coyotes are waiting to be fed, as possible before killing it, in order to save the labour of dragging it any great distance.